Gran Canaria Tours

We are a young company with the aim of offering our guests very special impressions and unforgettable moments that create memories as part of our individual tours and private day trips on Gran Canaria.
This includes a special selection of the best (and also most unusual) routes and excursion destinations for your maximum joy, appropriate to the season.
Our business partners such as winegrowers, cheese dairies, restaurants, farms, artisans and artists etc. are carefully selected by us.
We are constantly working to maintain and improve our quality standards.
We would like to bring you closer to Gran Canaria in its diversity with the people, nature and culture and offer you holiday experiences that remain hidden from other tourists, but also encourage you to come back.
We are particularly proud, when guest explained us, that the excursion with us was the biggest highlight for them in their holidays.
Your individual wishes and needs are always in the foreground for us, in order to create every moment, together with you, according to your taste as best as possible.
When guests tell us: "For us, the trip was the best experience of our vacation!" we are pleased and that shows that we have achieved our goal.
In addition to the service and the quality of our offers, sustainability is also important to us.
Because of this we habe an ethically responsible management.
We work to secure our livelihood with a selection of regional companies on Gran Canaria and the best regional products from the Canary Islands at fair prices. We do not do any excursions outside of Gran Canaria. Transparency (especially with regard to prices, services, etc.) against our customers and business partners is a matter of course for us.
For example, we make reasonable prices for our customers with no hidden costs! Everything is communicated openly, honestly and clearly.
If you book private excursions, over the Internet or by telephone, you can easily pay in cash in common currencies or in advance by bank transfer.
For larger groups or events / weddings, this is of course only possible with a deposit.
We would like to promote both tourism and the region in the long term and rely on the highest possible level of safety and environmental compatibility. We do not want to support excursions that consciously accept possible damage to people, flora and fauna.
Of course, we and all our partners reject any form of discrimination against people, e.g. due to ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, religion or impairments, etc.
We work with people and for people. That is always the focus for us.
Cuatro Puertas 2Just be yourself and feel free!
As part of our social commitment and within the scope of the possibilities, we would like to continue to offer "star tours" in the future, too.
Some people suddenly become ill and a cure transcends the limits of medicine. Affected people often have the wish to visit a certain place again, but it is not easily possible for them and their relatives to fulfill this wish. It often simply fails because of what all this can entail and because of personal possibilities. Here we would like to help and offer those affected a nice experience.

When dealing with our customers and partners, as well as in the process of constant self-control, we always have an open ear for everyone, regardless of whether it is about questions, wishes, concerns, praise, criticism or other feedback.