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Private excursion in Gran Canaria: Wine and coffee exclusive Come with us absolutely exclusively to the most inviting winery in Gran Canaria with the best wines and excellent Canarian coffee and let yourself be pampered and inspired with culinary delights in a family atmosphere on this absolutely unique tour...

On this exclusive and absolutely special private wine tour, the highlight of the day is the visit to the Bodega Señorío de Cabrera.
This winery is located two kilometres from the Bandama volcanic crater, off the beaten track in the Garcia Ruiz gorge.
The vineyards stretch up the slope to the mountain Lomo del Rayo in the municipality of Telde.

The wines have won many top awards and have recently been ranked among the best wines in the whole of Spain. (See below for a description of the wines)

This winery is run by Agustin Cabrera and his wife Felisa, who are living their family dream here, which is reflected in the quality of the end products, but also in Agustin FelisaAgustin Felisa's genuine hospitality.
In addition to the wines, the family grows various fruits, including excellent oranges, which have also won several awards.

Due to the special location of the vineyards, the associated microclimate and the nature of the soil, the family not only produces top wines and very good fruit here, but also grows coffee.

The result is a mild, robust coffee with low acidity, whose beans are particularly aromatic after roasting. The coffee is grown and processed with time and a lot of love, mainly for the family's own use, and it is not a large coffee plantation.

Besides wine and coffee, the family also produces its own liqueurs, for example a coffee liqueur (made from the coffee cherries) and from its own citrus fruits.

You visit this excellent family-run bodega beyond mass tourism with us on this excursion alone and absolutely exclusively.

During the tour of the winery, you can taste everything and are treated to a really stunning meal by the family:

Gran Canaria wine- You will get a deep insight into the cultivation and production of wine and coffee in a family atmosphere.

- We ride up the vineyard in a lorry (small cable car) and enjoy the view. While doing so, we look at the vines and learn more about the cultivation up to the grape harvest.

- Afterwards we go into the wine cellar and learn more about the processing of the wine from pressing to bottling and taste wines from the ongoing maturing process directly from the barrels.

- Afterwards we taste the different wines in a cosy atmosphere with the winegrower on the idyllic terrace.

- After the winetasting, you will be absolutely spoiled by Felisa in culinary terms, with a lunch in several courses, from a noble selection of regional ingredients, as you are certainly not used to here!

- After the meal and wine tasting, we sample the various liqueurs.

- Then we move on to homemade coffee, often accompanied by homemade cake

- Depending on the season and the ripeness of the fruit, we can also taste our own fruit.

After this absolutely unique experience, you are guaranteed to be happy and enthusiastic as we slowly leave and drive up to the Pico de Bandama viewpoint via a particularly beautiful GranCanaria Tour Wine 2 route through Gran Canaria's most important wine-growing region.GranCanaria Tour Wine 2
From there, you will enjoy all-round views of the capital Las Palmas, Telde, the Bandama volcanic crater and the wine region on the other side in the Bandama Nature Park, before we drive back to your hotel.

As this is a private wine tour, in addition to the visit to these wineries, individual points can be determined or cancelled together. We are still absolutely flexible on the way, within the bounds of what is feasible, and an hour more or less is absolutely not important to us personally!

For example, a visit to the beautiful town of Agüimes on the way to the winery has always gone down very well. However, this is not a must and we have numerous alternatives and can discuss without complications.

This excursion is only for friends of wine culture and culinary delights. Whether you are a true wine connoisseur, a simple wine lover or a professional in the industry, you will get your money's worth here and will hardly find anything remotely comparable with other providers.
The core content and the special feature of this tour is the interpersonal experience, the shared fun and the culinary enjoyment at the Señorío de Cabrera winery with its special wines and genuine Canarian hospitality.

Prices and availability:

Participants 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Price per Person 130,-€ 120,-€ 110,-€ 105,-€ 100,-€ 95,-€ 90,-€

The price of the excursion already includes all costs such as wine tasting and lunch.

Children up to 12 years get a 50% discount (example 120,00 - 50% = 60€). Youths 12-16 years get a 35% discount (120,00-35%=78,00).

The minimum number of participants is two and the maximum number of participants is 8.

You can also easily pay on the spot.

When and where do we start the tour?

You can book this private wine tour individually with us for every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We usually start in the morning between 10-11 am and return to your hotel in the late afternoon / evening.

The private excursion can be booked from all over Gran Canaria! We pick you up directly from your hotel and bring you back there!

We start the excursion from the south of Gran Canaria e.g. Bahia Feliz - Playa del Aguila - San Agustin - Playa del Ingles - Maspalomas - Campo international - Meloneras - Arguineguin - Anfi del mar - Puerto Rico - Playa de Amadores - Playa del Cura - Taurito - Puerto de Mogan etc. as well as from Las Palmas (both from the port and the marina / the marina, as well as from any hotel etc.) and any other place on Gran Canaria.

Just contact us.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

More information about the winery, the cultivation and the wines for those interested:

The cultivation and processing:

Gran Canaria WeintourTourThe vineyard of Señorío de Cabrera, is a strip of land on a north-south slope which, with a slope gradient of more than 23%, is planted transversely with trellis rows on overlapping cultivation terraces.
This particularity makes cultivation and harvesting difficult but allows all rows of vines to benefit equally from daylight without being overshadowed by neighbouring rows, giving them the character of mountain wine.
Quote: "Work is the curse of the drinking classes "1

The grape varieties grown here are:

a) "Listan negro" A variety that is very common in Gran Canaria. Very well adapted to the volcanic rock and excellent yield. It produces wines with outstanding aromas of black fruit and volcanic minerality that make them unique.

b) "Moscatel" It tolerates heat well and has a large oval shape. This vigorous and high-yielding grape variety is characterised above all by its floral taste, which is due to the high concentration of monoterpenes and is suitable for semi-dry and dry wines.

c) "Malvasia" A variety with remarkable aromatic content and excellent oenological projection, ideal for the production of sweet (sweet, dry or semi-sweet) white wines. It offers a remarkable concentration of associated aromas.

d) "Tintilla" A little-known grape variety that grows on the island of Gran Canaria. Compact, conical grape. Very coloured berries, small and delicate in flavour, suitable for ageing in barrels.

After determining the right time to start the grape harvest, a special harvesting rhythm follows, due to the difficulty of the slope. Gran Canaria Weinverarbeitung
After the grape harvest, after destemming and pressing, the must begins to ferment by racking.
Here we follow the traditional system of grape maceration.
For the white wines, the grapes are cooled and treated by a controlled fermentation at 18º C.
For red wines, maceration takes place at a temperature between 20º and 25º C for 5 to 6 days.
Practically everything here is done by hand with minimal use of machinery, right up to bottling and labelling.
Here, real cork is used as a closure.
The barrique ageing of the wines takes place in French oak barrels.

To the individual wines of the wine tasting:

1) Blanco Barrica A young white with an alcohol content of 12.5% that pampers your palate with flowers.
- Appearance: Straw yellow colour of medium intensity, bright, with greenish pearly reflections, clean and bright.
- Bouquet: The nose is a harmonious explosion of aromas reminiscent of flowers such as rose and jasmine, clear and distinct, with hints of tropical fruit, with a hint of guava standing out.
- Taste: The entry into the mouth is an enchantment, very velvety, persistent with a very fresh, defined and lively acidity, retro-nasal notes of orange blossom and rose and notes reminiscent of stone fruit, such as peach and nectarines.

2) Blanco semi-seco Semi-dry white wine.
- Appearance: Pale straw yellow colour, clean and bright with steely appearance.
- Bouquet: Good aromatic intensity, very elegant and subtle, with notes of ripe exotic fruit, with hints of citrus, open and fresh.
- Palate: Pleasant on the palate, rich in glycerine with a lively, clean and fresh acidity. Light and balanced body, honeyed and smooth with a long finish, with an aftertaste of white fruits and tropical fruits.

3) Tinto Barrica an artisan red wine.
- Appearance: Clean and bright, of medium depth, ruby red colour with bluish cherry red rim, with a dense and luminous drop.
- Bouquet: Medium to high intensity on the nose. Primary aromas of red forest fruits, very open, with aromas of vanilla, liquorice, green tobacco, with hints of cocoa.
- Palate: Intense, full-bodied, with a smooth palate, with sweet tannins integrated into the wine, a structured and balanced wine, with retro-nasal aromas of spices such as vanilla and liquorice, with the varietal fruitiness standing out.

Gran Canaria Bodega

Source: 1 Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900), real name Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills, Irish poet, playwright and playwright.