If you are spending your wedding anniversary or honeymoon here, or if you (want to) get married on Gran Canaria, you have come to the right place.

In addition to our individual and exclusive excursion offers, as english speaking operator on Gran Canaria,  we also deal here with the topic of wedding planning on Gran Canaria, as well as special offers around the topic of partnership, love, romance and marriage.
Our offers revolve around the topics honeymoon on Gran Canaria, engagement / marriage proposal on vacation, renewal of vows, romantic experiences for two, special surprises on your wedding day, up to your dream wedding on Gran Canaria. Here we give you a small overview in which you can find out more.
We simply take special pleasure in this work and put our heart and soul into making the most beautiful moments in your life here on Gran Canaria possible for you as a couple or future couple.


First of all a short overview:GranCanaria wedding


Honeymoon or wedding day in Gran Canaria:
The honeymoon is the most beautiful trip in life. We would like to offer newlyweds on their honeymoon and couples having their wedding day on holiday an unforgettable experience to enjoy this time consciously. The time on such a unique trip passes very quickly and some people also ask themselves what they should have experienced together on their honeymoon in Gran Canaria.
Our ambition is to offer you a day on this trip that corresponds to your dreams and desires and remains eternally in beautiful memory. We always make the most of the possibilities on the island and are guided by your ideas within your financial budget.
Regardless of your budget, we always strive to offer you the best possible service.
With us you will not experience mass processing. We will talk to you calmly, listen to you and work out a suitable and individually tailored offer together with you.
We take the time to design your special day together with you, listen to your ideas and questions and make various suggestions and proposals within the scope of what is feasible here.
Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway with a great experience for your honeymoon here in Gran Canaria or you are celebrating your wedding day here and want something very special for it, we will always support you with our heart, with our knowledge of human nature, our competence and experience, as well as our contacts and creative ideas.

Engagement and renewal of vows:
Some couples would like to renew their wedding vows for various reasons, others are not yet ready and are thinking about proposing to their loved one.
We are happy to support you in your happiness with our experience, creative ideas, individual proposals and solutions that suit you but also your financial framework.

Dream wedding on Gran Canaria:
No matter how you would like to celebrate your wedding here, whether it is a free or a church wedding, we will support you with all our heart and strength to make this unique event as beautiful and unforgettable as possible for you.
We have experience and references as wedding planners with conservative and alternative weddings, as well as wedding celebrations and reviews about us can be found here.
We are also open to LGBTQ weddings.
GranCanaria HoneymoonAs your wedding planner in Gran Canaria, we only suggest the best locations that really suit you and the period in question, to make this unique event as beautiful as possible.
Gran Canaria not only has a mild climate all year round, but is also very diverse and has a unique natural environment with countless possibilities and enchanted locations.
All the companies and people we work with, through hotels / accommodation and restaurants / catering etc. do a good quality job at reasonable prices.

GranCanaria HoneymoonFor your perfect wedding in Gran Canaria we can arrange for example:

- The perfect wedding location on land or on the ship or yacht.
- Freelance and church wedding speakers
- Florists and accessories, decoration and everything necessary
- Catering or planning and discussion of menus
- Experienced stylists and make-up artists for bride and groom
- Good photographers and professional film teams (also aerial shots)
- Musicians of all genres, live bands and DJs


We will reliably accompany your dream wedding in Gran Canaria, supporting you and always standing by your side from the first idea until after the wedding ceremony.
Whether you just want a small romantic getaway on your honeymoon or are planning an extensive wedding on Gran Canaria, just contact us, we will talk to each other and make you a non-binding offer at a reasonable price-performance ratio.

We look forward to meeting you!

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