Gran Canaria private tour

Experience as a couple a unique day for two with us on Gran Canaria that will be remembered! We offer private tours starting from 180,-€ per couple.

 Whether you are a couple looking for a private excursion with a personal english-speaking guide on Gran Canaria, where you can simply get to know the island in a relaxed way, or if you want something more special... even if you want an unforgettable day for two with special moments, we offer you just the right thing.

Your private day trip in Gran Canaria with us is individually created to your wishes, interests and needs. You do not need to read a english travel guide or inform yourself in detail about the island. The usual questions like "What to do on Gran canaria?" and so on, are not important for you. After a short conversation, during which we will find out what really suits you best, we will make you a personal and non-binding offer with different possibilities, destinations and activities, according to the season and weather conditions.

Even with this planning, we are still flexible on the way, in order to respond to your wishes and the circumstances within the scope of what is possible. For us personally, an hour more or less or the exact miles are not that important. Only agreed appointments at private excursion destinations have to be kept more or less.
In doing so, we specialise in private excursions via breathtaking routes and with exceptional destinations away from mass tourism.
Of course, this doesn't mean that we don't drive to well-known sights such as Roque nublo and places like Tejeda, Teror or Artenara that you would like to see! With everything what is to discover here, your enjoyment, relaxation and fun are in the focus.

Gran Canaria really does offer the most varied possibilities on 1560Km² in the different climate zones, depending on whether you are more interested in culture or nature, enjoy country life or like city life.
For first-time visitors in particular, we try to put together a tour with as many different impressions as possible according to your interests. Regular visitors, who already know Gran Canaria well, have the opportunity to get to know other, unknown sides of the island with us.
The culinary delights range from traditional tapas and typical rural cuisine to popular street food and gourmet quality with modern creations at the highest level.grancanaria essenSo we also have a wide range of culinary options here.
Whether you want to experience the local cuisine, prefer a picnic in nature or desire international cuisine.
Of course, cave restaurants such as in Bascamao or Guayadeque and non-touristy restaurants on local beaches are also in demand.
Often we visit a rustic guachinche for lunch or for example, an original Canarian restaurant with a view in the mountains, as well as a small fish restaurant directly at the harbour in La Aldea de San Nicolas...
Our gastronomical possibilities are manifold and we can, for example, also visit a nice farmer family in the mountains for lunch (beyond the paved road at home in a private environment), who, besides all kinds of fruits, vegetables and wine, also grow coffee and make their own liquor.
With us you will experience real hospitality here, which is all about your individual wishes!
We have many special excursion destinations for you on the private tour and a complete list would go beyond any reasonable scope.
There are numerous museums, archaeological sites, indigenous caves, botanical gardens, farmers' markets and markets, lost places, interesting exhibitions, historic squares, theatres, street musicals and much more, but also a wide variety of shopping opportunities and other entertainments that are not listed or marketed in every cultural calendar or travel guide and are therefore not heavily frequented by tourists.
Of course, night excursions such as to the Temisa Observatory are also possible, or if you are interested in the local nightlife or cultural evening events.
On the private excursions, we primarily visit family businesses that we have carefully selected and that only we visit, some of which have won several regional awards, such as cheese dairies, farms/plantations, wineries, etc.
We also work with some artists and craftsmen and can visit them on request. These range from tailor shops to painters and goldsmiths, potteries and blacksmith workshops that artfully craft the traditional Canarian knives.

Gran Canaria also offers a unique variety of landscapes due to the different climatic zones, with almost 2000 different plant species, of which about 700 are endemic.
From rugged cliffs and dry wasteland to great beaches, green and fertile valleys, fabulous gorges, laurel forest, pine forests and reservoirs in the mountain world of Gran Canaria with unforgettable panoramas.

GranCanaria Paare AusflugBeautiful souvenir photos of you are a matter of course in our excursions. Of course, we also take your desired financial budget into account when preparing our offer.

Our standard vehicle for couple excursions is an older Mercedes E-Class. We have a big Jeep, too. (upgrade)
We always have table water in the car and do not charge for it at all. For an extra charge, all drinks are possible at any time, e.g. champagne at sunset.

Due to our flexibility, this private couple's excursion is also ideal as a gift and surprise, e.g. if you have something to celebrate, such as a birthday or anniversary, your anniversary or retirement.


Prices: The prices for an individual couples' excursion depend, of course, mainly on the planned contents. We offer private tours for couples from 180,-€ / couple. In terms of content, we are guided by your ideas and budget and do not impose anything on anyone.
Decisive for the final price are, of course, the contents, which cause very different costs. The costs for lunch, entrance fees for a museum, etc. are crucial.
Often such tours range from 180,-€ for a big photo tour over the island without included services like entrance fees, food, drinks etc. to 280,-€ per couple including all costs for drinks, lunch etc.pp.
Excursions with a special vehicle or star cuisine and, for example, high-priced champagne or a parachute jump at the end of the day, will of course have a corresponding effect on the final price and will no longer be within the aforementioned average.
We guarantee you fairly calculated prices. You can simply pay on the go or pay in advance by bank transfer.

Further notes: We can handle food intolerances or special diets such as vegan, etc..
We can also accommodate people with restrictions. Among our satisfied guests of all ages, we also have people with limited mobility, up to and including wheelchairs, and also guests with visual impairments or, for example, seizure disorders.
It is no problem for us to arrange an appropriate excursion for blind guests or people with discapacities like wheelchair on Gran Canaria. This decide us from other operator`s.
Of course, singles or people travelling alone can also book this excursion with us and we also have regular customers who travel alone. You are welcome to read what our guests write about us, e.g. on Google or Tripadvisor.

We pick you up at any point on the island when you want and bring you back safely at the end. It doesn't matter whether you are on holiday here in Gran Canaria in the tourist resorts in the hotel, outside as an alternative holidaymaker or want to make a shore excursion from your cruise ship in Las Palmas or you are moored here in Las Palmas at the marina with your own yacht.

Enjoy the luxury and freedom of being yourself and just feel at home with us in a relaxed atmosphere. Experience the most beautiful places on Gran Canaria and design your private trip with us according to your taste!

Simply contact us or call us and get your personal offer.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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