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Here you will find private excursions for small groups like friends, family & clubs in Gran Canaria as well as individual company excursions and special events for your company.

 With us you will get customized alternative tours and individual excursions that will take you to the most beautiful places of Gran Canaria and to places that remain hidden to other tourists. You will discover very personally another side of the island and we offer you unique experiences that will remain in your memory!
Why individual? Standardized packages are always a compromise when it comes to excursions and events. For groups such offers are often even more unsuitable than for single travelers. Mostly it is from the desires and needs, in addition, contentwise and temporally or from the price not correctly suitable.
The requirements are completely different and result from the number and age of the participants, as well as from the wishes, needs and interests, but also the financial budget.
A family with children in holidays or large age difference of the participants (possibly also with impairments) is already something completely different, as for example a sports club, a group of students or seniors, young party vacationers or a company excursion with the staff of a medical practice or the executive committee of a company.

Here we offer unique alternatives that meet individual wishes and needs, but also take into account the respective budget. We work with all group sizes from alternative to exclusive with people of all ages.

Your individual day trip with us in Gran Canaria will be tailored to your wishes, interests and needs.

- The standard question: "What is worthwhile in Gran Canaria?"
Scenically, the island is incredibly varied on approx. 1560Km² with the different climate zones.
With almost 2000 different native plant species, there is a diversity in the flora alone, which is otherwise only found on continents. Due to this fact Gran Canaria is also called a miniature continent.
On the different coasts, besides the tourist beaches and the famous dunes of Maspalomas, there are also very beautiful and less frequented sandy beaches, but also rocky sections with natural rock pools and salt flats and rugged cliffs.
In the mountains you can find the landmark of the island, the Roque Nublo and the Roque Bentayga, which is also well known to tourists. There are also lakes, which invite you to barbecue or have a picnic, gigantic panoramas, bizarre rock formations, impressive volcanic craters, deep canyons, but also caves of the natives and interesting archaeological excavation sites, such as the archaeological park Maipes.
In addition, there are arid wastelands, but also fertile valleys, various forests, besides conifers such as pine, for example, eucalyptus and laurel forest. This diversity can also be experienced during a visit to one of the botanical gardens, such as Viera y Clavijo.
The agriculture is not only characterized by the large plantations with tomatoes and bananas, but there are also fincas next to wineries that show an incredible variety in the (mostly organic) cultivation, from all kinds of fruits and vegetables, olives to medicinal plants and coffee.Mogan Molino del vientoThere are very high quality agricultural products, e.g. excellent wines, excellent cheese, jams, honey, olive oil, etc.
For example, we also work with a finca where you can get an insight into the cultivation etc and then also have lunch at the finca. Here everything is from own production!
During our excursions you can also experience the greenhouses cultivation from the inside and we visit for example also the coffee plantations on Gran Canaria, but also selected cheese dairies.
In addition to the unique nature and landscape and many cultural features, there is also a very varied gastronomy and infrastructure.
Beside the numerous touristic known places like Mogan, Tejeda or Teror, there are for example also less known but romantic mountain villages with rustic restaurants, historical buildings and churches. More often we visit Artenara, the highest village of Gran Canaria, which like Guayadeque is also a cave village and has a cave church worth seeing.
In the cities such as Telde or Las Palmas there is also a correspondingly sophisticated leisure offer, large shopping centers, but also cultural offers, various museums, theaters, art exhibitions and much more.
We also work with various artists and craftsmen, including goldsmiths and blacksmiths who make the famous Canarian knives, potteries, etc.
Especially with families or younger groups we sometimes visit (to give a random example) places like the adventure and climbing park, which is also suitable for children.
Of course, night excursions such as to the Temisas Observatory are also possible, or if you are interested in the local nightlife or cultural evening events.
In Las Palmas there is also the brewery Tropical, which also produces some other beverages under license, or in Arucas the distillery or rum factory Arehucas, which we also visit and which is also the largest rum cellar in Europe.
In addition to these few examples, there are many possibilities with regard to nature, culture and infrastructure, which exceed the scope of any travel guide and are far from any package deal for a tour.
Alone the culinary offer and/or the gastronomic possibilities, reach from the Streetfood over traditional rural kitchen, as well as naturally fish, up to gourmet quality on world level.
- What is special about an excursion with GC-Tours?
We know the island and the possibilities and after a short conversation we will expertly create a personal and non-binding offer with different suggestions and possibilities of destinations and activities, suitable for your group, the season and the weather situation on Gran Canaria.
Thereby we are always anxious to offer you (within your budget) the best for you! The FAQ "What to see on Gran Canaria?" is not necessary for you. You can trust us and rely on us!
Therefore you will get individual excursions and events in a private atmosphere, where you will experience a day together in Gran Canaria, which will be remembered and which will be completely according to your needs and wishes.
On our tours you will always get a glimpse of life on the island as it is normally hidden from tourists.
We move for the most part off the usual tourist routes and also work with people and businesses that have largely nothing to do with tourism.
FirgasHere you can experience real hospitality and feel at home with us in Gran Canaria.
You can have an objective look at life on the island with its many facets and immerse yourself in the culture with us.
On a relaxed day with us you will collect new impressions, enjoy the surroundings and be "completely out" ...maybe with a small or big adventure. -just according to your taste!
An hour more or less or a few kilometers are really not important to us, so that we are still flexible to your wishes or, for example, the weather, within the scope of what is feasible. For us, the most important thing is that it is an all-round successful day for you!
Experience the most beautiful places of Gran Canaria off the beaten track!
Enjoy the freedom to be yourself!
With us you can get a closer look at different areas and experience moments together that you will remember forever.

- Groups like clubs and circles of friends of all ages, from sports clubs, photo clubs, etc. to high school graduates and college students, we have regulary, but also sailors who have shared shore excursions with us from their yacht here at Marina Las Palmas, to very elderly groups of seniors with limitations from the cruise ships. There were also birthday parties with an evening champagne at the volcano crater. We will be happy to put together a suitable excursion with an appropriate program for you individually and you can be sure that you are in the best hands with us! The price for an individual tour with a group depends on the content and the number of participants. With food and drinks we start at 25 persons from 55,-€ p.p. and at 5 persons from 90,-€ p.p. all inclusive.

- Families will always find the right offer. We have in-depth experience with a wide variety of families, even four generations together on vacation. We arrange your excursion on Gran Canaria in such a way that you can switch off as parents also times in between completely. We always include something in a family trip so that your children also experience something for themselves - be it having fun and playing or discovering something. Not only should everyone in your family be able to participate, but they should also be able to experience something with all their senses. We plan in such a way that any walking disabilities, seizure disorders, hearing impairments and visual impairments, as well as mental disabilities are not a problem at all. Just get an offer from us! Our offers for individual excursions for families start from 200,-€.

- Companies have booked various excursions with completely different focuses with us in the past. We make you as a company or department specific offers for suitable tours and events. These range from an entertaining company outing followed by a celebration to planned experiences for your team. In addition to an appropriate excursion, special company celebrations or seminars are no problem at all. We have all contacts to premises for seminars or large celebrations, up to the charter yacht. Whether you simply want to have fun and experience something special on a joint excursion, perhaps there is something to celebrate or it is about team strengthening or conflict resolution or the like, we can do justice to it without any problems. Just contact us.
With us you will be adequately advised and we will create lasting memories!
We guarantee you absolutely fair prices, which of course can vary greatly depending on your wishes and the number of participants, etc..
We work with group sizes from 3 up to 55 people.

Each excursion is personally accompanied by us and we are only there for you as your operator!

Simply contact us via our form and get a non-binding offer or give us a call.


We are looking forward to meeting you!


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