Denis Schimmeyer (Director): I came from North Germany, where I was born 1978, grew up and led a varied life. After years of pedagogical work in various social areas (like mental health services for example), i switched into the industry. In the last few years in Germany, I primarily worked (in administrative things) in a vehicle recycling company.
In addition to historical technology, nature, culture and people, as well as cuisine, my personal interest has always been tavelling.
Since my childhood I have seen much of the world and came regularly to the Canary Islands. Gran Canaria has grown to my heart. Gran Canaria combines the advantages and beauty of all the Canary Islands for me and I feel at home here. After my wife Melanie and I have spent more and more time of the year here, the decision finally came to stay.
We live here near a small village, almost in the middle of the island, at about 900m altitude, in a small house with garden. Here we feel very well and have a very pleasant and nice neighborhood and friend.
In the short spare time we like to travel in the varied nature of the island or do something with our local friends.


Melanie second CEOMelanie Schimmeyer (Secretary): (wife and good soul in the company) I was born 1978 and grew up in North Germany. For many years I have been coming to Gran Canaria, more and more regularly, until finally the decision fell entirely here. In Germany, I learned the profession of orthopedic technician and was in one comapany until my emigration. Now, I do not want to give up this job and run an orthopedic workshop in Las Palmas. Since my youth, I've been involved, for people and the environment. I am at home on Gran Canaria and love this island.
Incidentally, I accompany my husband (depending on time and opportunity) from time to time on the excursions and support him in the planning and organization, especcially with bigger events oder weddings. Also for our guests, I am always happy to be there as a contact person.

Due to our love for the Canary Islands, for the people and for nature, we came up with the idea of ​​offering an alternative in view of the various tourist offers. With our excursions and events, we want to create customer-oriented and high-quality offers that are unforgettable and bring the unique island in all its diversity closer to our guests in a personal atmosphere - just as it is and how the people live here.
That's why we've been training in this area since 2014 and are constantly working on it.
In the scarce free time we like to be out and about in the varied nature of the island or do something with our local friends.